Dental Fees at Rathmines Dental

We are proud of the quality of dentistry we offer, and our high levels of customer service and satisfaction. We are also proud of the fees we charge as they represent the high standards we work to each day, and our patients know that we offer good value, with excellent results that they are happy to pay for.

We feel that in dentistry it is important for us to be open and honest in our dealings with patients. Which is why we do not hide our fees away, but happily display them for all our patients to see.

Routine Dental Examination (free with P.R.S.I and Medical Card) €35
Child (Under 16) Examination €20
Child (Under 16) Examination and Clean €40
Routine Cleaning by Dentist €75 (normally €35 with PRSI)
Hygienist Cleaning €75
Emergency Treatment €35
Silver Fillings €100
White Fillings (front teeth) €100
White Fillings (back teeth) €150 - €180
Root Canal Treatments (tax deductible) €450 - €650
Single crown (tax deductible) €950
Bridges per tooth (tax deductible) €950
Professional Tooth Whitening Upper + Lower teeth €400
Sports Gumshield €90


You can claim certain treatments against tax at your marginal rate ie you can get up to 20% back from the taxman. We will supply you with the completed Med2 form to do this.

The PRSI (Social Welfare) covers qualified people for one check up a year and subsidises one cleaning (Scale and Polish) per year.

We have direct payment in place with VHI Dental Insurance, meaning if you have VHI Dental (not Medical) cover you can get approval in advance off them and not pay for basic treatment and only pay any balance for advanced treatment. Ring us for details.

We welcome patients covered by Decare Dental, we have the forms in stock and are happy to complete these for you.

We also accept Medical Cards.